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AKSSHATTA GOLDEN HARVEST LLP, is a locally incorporated limited liability partnership and is primarily involved in manufacturing and trading of agro products especially in rice and other food grains.

Our Products

• Steam Ponni Rice
• Ponni Parboiled Rice
• Sona Masoori Steam Rice
• Sona Masoori Parboiled Rice
• Idli Rice
• PUSA 1121
• Steam Basmati

About Packaging

All our rice products are cleaned systematically using destonner and colour sortexed so as to remove stones, impurities, husk and colored rice. We are able to pack our rice products in 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 40, 50, 75 kgs


We specialise in accommodating our buyer’s requirement and preference in supplying only quality products at the most competitive prices. We source paddy from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.

  • PONNI RICE A south Indian variety mainly grown in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, it is hybrid rice released by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. A staple food for many south Indians with soft texture and non sticky when cooked.  Available either in Raw, Steam or Parboiled.
  • SONA MASOORI Swarna BPT 5204 (Samba Mahsuri) or better known as Sona Masuri, is planted along the fertile river basin in Andhra Pradesh. It is fertilized by the nutrients from the irrigation of the Krishna River.  Available either in Raw, Steam or Parboiled
  • IDLY RICE is mainly used in the preparation of thosai or idly batter instead of normal or broken rice. It is short, bold kernel with a white belly in kernel.
    Can be used to make tasty, soft and fluffy idly, thosai, paniyaram. murrukku, athirasam and seedai.
  • IR 64 Grown in Southern part of India, IR 64 is long grain rice. This variety has got a good texture and longer shelf life.
  • PUSA 1121 BASMATHI is known for its extraordinary kernel (grain) length, which can be as much as 8.3mm for a single grain. It has very high kernel elongation ratio ranging from 2 to 2.5 i.e. length of cooked rice kernel/length of uncooked kernel. On cooking it does not turn sticky, possess minimum breadth-wise expansion, is aromatic with intermediate alkali spreading value and amylose content. Available either in Raw, Steam or Parboiled
  • PUSA BASMATHI is a hybrid variety of Basmati Rice that possess 100% purity, long grain, aromatic fragrance and non-sticky after cooking.
  • Sharbati Rice is known for its taste and delectable aroma.  Sharbati rice is easy to digest and contains high nutritional value.
  • AKSSHATTA also exports Indian Whole Wheat Chakki Atta which is available in 25kg PP bag with Plastic lining.

new services

At present, AKSSHATTA exports its products to Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia.
AKSSHATTA also exports MP (Madhya Pradesh) sourced Indian Whole Wheat Atta.
We source paddy from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.
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